Long Weekend

It’s been a long weekend, but a good one. I graduated on Thursday and Friday, and then had a baby shower on Saturday. Tomorrow my goals entail spring cleaning my house and making headway on packing for Arizona. I have already made lists of things to do. Lists simultaneously make me feel better (if it’s on the list I won’t forget it) and overwhelmed (so much to do!). Mostly they make me feel better.

Oh, incidentally, we’re moving to Arizona for the summer. Kyle got an internship, and now I’m going to spend my last trimester in the hot desert. But our apartment has air conditioning, which is actually an improvement over our current place. Kyle and I are slightly afraid that our new apartment is going to be an upgrade, and that it will be a disappointment to move back.

But now I’m going to sleep to try and catch up from the lost sleep from my long weekend.


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