A Little Better

With the support of some wonderful helpers, I have managed to make great strides in my Spring Cleaning Extravaganza today. I have organized three closets, two desks, three bookshelves, a dresser, and various other smaller things. The rooms are cleaned, the surfaces washed, and many things are in a “Take to Arizona” pile, while still others are in a “Take downstairs” pile. Now the piles just need to disappear and the currently be-piled floors vacuumed to finish all my assigned jobs. It’s nice to get things cleaned.

I even mowed the lawn. Mostly. Evidently there wasn’t much gas left, and I ran out right before I finished, so I now have a strip about two inches wide of very long grass running down my front lawn. I was telling Kyle that I had wanted to mow the lawn before we left so that it would look a little better. So that’s what I got: a lawn that looks a little better than before. Kyle has dubbed it the “Mow”hawk Lawn. And all was well.


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