Graduating may have been bittersweet, but it’s pretty awesome to realize that being done with school is in many ways just as great as you had anticipated. I have made a rather large list of tasks to accomplish and things to pack before we leave, and yesterday I actually checked off everything that was on my list for today and a few things that weren’t.

I haven’t had that kind of success with checklists in a very long time. Having enormously time consuming assignments usually relegated me to one school task and one home task for the day, be it cooking or cleaning. I ran multiple errands, packed, and even had time to get my hair cut. Now I have a swanky new ‘do to take with me to Arizona. And I managed all of this without any oppressive guilt making me feel bad that I was doing family tasks instead of school tasks. Huzzah!

I intend to continue riding on how nice it is to not have school looking over my shoulder for the next few days. It’s keeping me sane and lets me believe we can pull this move off with little to no pain. If such a thing is really possible.


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