Giant Bees

Since our apartment in Utah doesn’t have air conditioning, it gets quite hot in the summer. So we keep the windows and door open a fair amount of the time, especially in mornings and evenings, to pretend that it does something to alleviate the oppressive heat. While we occasionally get moths coming into the house, bugs haven’t really been a big problem for us.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday Kyle murdered three enormous bees that decided to come inside and see what was going on. An when I say enormous, I’m not kidding. They were the size of Cadbury Eggs. And not the little bitty mini eggs, the full on Cadbury Eggs.

The bees evidently didn’t get my memo to the insect world. While I think insects are gross, I respect the fact that they play a role in our ecology and that God must have had some reason to put them here. So when they are outside, I will not kill them. But when they and their homes cross the threshold into MY home? War. I hate insects, and I hate them even more in my home. I’ve already poisoned an ant colony who tried to make our kitchen a mess hall this year, and bees will get no better reception. It’s the fly-swatter and Insect-Slaying Husband for them.

Fortunately, Kyle has good aim and was able to kill all three of them without making them angry and sting-y. I went to bed with three fewer bees in the world last night, but much more satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “Giant Bees

  1. I found a great tip for getting rid of ants on Pinterest. You sprinkle corn meal wherever you see ants. They eat it but can’t digest it and die. I did this out on my patio where there was a nest of them. You know one of those black, roiling masses of ants. Within a few hours there were mass casualties. Normally I wouldn’t mind them being outside. I feel the same way as you do about leaving them alone in their home as long as they don’t come into mine. But these were borderline and right where the kids played. Anyway, the corn meal worked great and you don’t have to worry about kids getting into it or touching it since it’s not a poison.

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