Promises to Allison

Last week I mentioned that I had gotten my hair cut, and Allison requested pictures (or it didn’t happen!). So yesterday I pulled out the camera and took some pictures of myself so that I could share. These two were my favorite.

It turns out that it’s really hard to take self portraits that aren’t fuzzy or have you in a weird position or making a weird face. I’ve got a few great ones of my with my mouth hanging open looking like an idiot.

On Sunday I took a few of Kyle, and this is my favorite from that.

Mostly he kept photobombing my pictures.

But I guess I have to forgive him because I knew that he was a goofball when I married him.


4 thoughts on “Promises to Allison

  1. Holy cow! You’ve gotten so much bigger in 10 days! Have you found a doctor there yet? Do you like him? Love that you are posting so much – I’ll try to make more comments. :)

    • I’m going to an appointment this evening, so I’ll see if I like her this evening. I figure I might as well post every day, since I don’t have a job over the summer. Got to stay occupied, and you can only clean a one room apartment so much.

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