Man of the Hour

I’m flying out to Virginia next week to attend a friend’s wedding and visit some old friends and family while I’m there. Unfortunately, due to the cost of tickets and inability to get a whole week off at work, Kyle will not be coming with me.

Which appears to be more and more of a tragedy the more people that I tell.

Without exception, every person in Virginia that I’ve told that I’m coming out–whether they know Kyle or not–has asked “Is Kyle coming?”, and when I explain the situation something along the lines of “That’s too bad, I wanted to see/meet him.” I think they might have been happier if I’d sent Kyle out to be the bridesmaid instead of me.

I think it’s a good sign that all of my friends want to meet my husband, I just wish I could provide the requested man. It would be fun to show Kyle around where I grew up. I guess we’ll just have to go back and visit some other time (oh, darn).


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