Today I flew out to Virginia. Right now I’m at my middle sister-in-law’s mooching space and food. Both she and her husband are out of town for work at the moment, but I’ll see them at the end of the week. I’m here with my youngest sister-in-law who is nannying middle SIL’s baby for the summer.

The flights were fine, but weather at JFK delayed both of the flights a little bit. There was a two year old on the flight from JFK to Dulles that was NOT happy to be there. It turns out that after kids scream themselves hoarse it gets quieter, if not silent. I felt bad for his parents.

In theory, my body is three hours behind, so it should be telling me that it’s only 7 pm, but I’m completely exhausted. I had an early morning, a long plane ride, and my feet have swollen once more to impressive proportions. They’re all soft and puffy to touch. I think it’s time to turn in.

Also, it’s raining outside. Real rain. I haven’t seen rain like this in three years. I’ve been in the desert too long.


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