This Week and Last Night

So I was full of good intentions to post about my Virginia trip when I caught a stomach bug at the beginning of the week and called off doing anything productive in lieu of laying in bed watching episodes of Extra Creditz and playing Kingdom Hearts.

I’ve been feeling better the past two days, and so I got productive things done around the house, and last night I was going to sit down and update my blog for all to see when *click*, the power died. No power means no internet.

Now our apartment complex sent out a note a day or two ago saying that the power would be out between 8 pm and 4 am for some vague reason, but I kind of glanced at it, mentioned it to Kyle, and then forgot about it.

No power also meant no air conditioning. In a place where it gets down to about 80 at night. We went swimming for a while, which was nice except that everybody else whose apartments were hot and stuffy came outside to the pool to smoke, so we could only stand it for so long. We went to Denny’s until about midnight because they’re open late and air conditioned. And they have cheap food. And Kyle was advocating against Sonic milkshakes and for burgers. So I got pancakes, Kyle got an avocado and egg burrito, and we camped out until I was so tired I was SURE I’d be able to sleep, no matter how dark and hot it was.

I was wrong.

I’ve been having a hard enough time sleeping lately due to being 34 weeks pregnant, but add in a stuffy 90 degree apartment (my butter melted) and an already hot pregnant lady and I got less than three hours of sleep last night.

We ended up filling the bath up with cold water and whenever I got too hot I’d go stick my feet in or sit in it for a while. Kyle by no means slept well either, but I think he got closer to 5 hours.

And you know how they promised that the power would come back at 4 am? They lied. It came back closer to six. I was especially bitter about those last two hours. The sun was coming up and I was desperately hoping that the power would come back before the sun came up to kill me of heat in our already stuffy apartment when the power finally clicked back on.

I’m not even sure what the maintenance was for, but boy was I irritated about it by 6 this morning. At least I should sleep well tonight.


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