Sick Day

I laid around not feeling well all day. My nausea has returned with my third trimester, although not nearly as bad as it was in my first trimester. It makes me glad that Baby’s almost done cooking and will be here relatively soon.

I have a friend here in Arizona that is due two days after me (there are about 8 pregnant women in our ward and most of us are due in July) and yesterday she went to the hospital because she was experiencing a lot of pain thinking that she was going to have the baby. The doctors told her that it wasn’t labor, and that they wanted the baby to stay inside of her longer, so to go home. She’s on bed rest now. It really puts what I’m going through into perspective, and makes me grateful that all of my pregnancy symptoms are still well within the parameters of normal.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day

    • You know. Babies are like muffins. They cook inside the oven, and when they’re done they come out. The primary difference is that you don’t eat babies (in case you were wondering. ^_~)

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