Longest Three Hours

In the past month or so church has become the longest three hours of my week.

I never truly appreciated how uncomfortable pews and folding chairs were until I could feel every bump and bit of poor back support. Also, it’s generally not acceptable to put your feet up at church, which makes them swell. I entertained Kyle during Sunday School by pointing out how much my feet had swollen by sitting for just an hour and a half at church.

Also, I have to wear real clothes at church. Let’s just say this whole being-unemployed-and-pregnant thing hasn’t done wonders for my personal style and leave it there. Only Kyle knows the true extent of the horrors of my summer personal style. I like to tell myself that things will change when Baby actually comes. We’ll get to see then how much I’m lying to myself.

But back to my point–real clothes. The horrors.

Kyle feels no sympathy for me. I can’t imagine why.


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