Cole Slaw and Apples

Since we’re almost parents now, Kyle and I actually tried a little bit on Mother’s and Father’s day this year for each other. He made me breakfast in bed, and I cooked him a special dinner.

Well, I tried to make it special. I made baked chicken and cole slaw. I also offered to make him a cake, but he declined since he’d gotten cookies at church. The last time I had made cole slaw, he’d really liked it, so I thought I’d do it for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, we were out of carrots to put in, so I thought I’d slice up apples to make extra special cole slaw–I love apples in cold salads and slaws like that.

Unfortunately, as I eagerly pointed this out to him as we sat down for dinner he kind of made a thanks-for-thinking-of-that mixed with I-hate-apples-in-cole-slaw face, and I suddenly remembered a conversation we’d had last time that I’d made cole slaw that went something like this:

Kyle: I don’t understand why some people put fruit and apples into things like cole slaw. It kind of ruins them.

So, yeah.


Score -1 for Eliza?


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