Our apartment complex has two pools and a hot tub. As it turns out, getting an apartment with pools was pretty much the best choice we made in coming down here.

While I’m pretty sure if you got in the hot tub in the heat of the day it would turn into soup, we have been taking advantage of the pools by going swimming every day. Really, the advantages are manifold.

For one, it makes me feel like buying this maternity swimsuit was totally worth it. It may have been on sale, but even then, like most maternity clothes, it was more than I wanted to pay for it. Using it every day makes me feel completely justified in having spent a little extra money on a specialty swimsuit.

For another, it makes my OB happy. My feet and ankles had been swelling quite a lot, and she was not happy with that. Apparently, when your extremities swell up, it’s because of fluid retention and it actually dehydrates the rest of your body. Having a lot of your body’s fluids stuck in your ankles means that it’s not in your core, which is where it does the most good. In Arizona especially, it’s easy to get dehydrated, and that’s bad because that can contribute to pre-term labor. Getting in water up to your neck helps alleviate swelling because the external water pressure all over your body helps even out where the water is distributed.

It’s also nice to swim in the evening. The apartment tends to be a little hotter in the evening because the sun has been shining on the walls all day, which heats them up, and I’ve usually just cooked dinner. Going swimming cools me off and makes the evening feel much nicer. The water also makes it feel like I’m almost not pregnant–all the extra weight I’m carting around gets taken off of my back and feet, and it feels really nice.

The best part, though, is just taking time and spending it with Kyle. It’s the one time per day where we just kind of swim around and chat about our day, chat about what we’ve been thinking about, talk about the baby. We really get to connect while we’re swimming, and it always makes me feel better after we’re done.

So, swimming every day. I approve.


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