Streets and Avenues

We drove into Phoenix tonight to visit our friend who is pregnant and was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago with some severe pain. It turns out that she has some other problems, but they can’t do anything to further diagnose or treat it until she has her baby. She’s due two days after me, so they had her wait until her baby was full term, and they’re inducing her tomorrow so that she can have the baby and do followup tests. We went so that Kyle could give her a blessing of comfort and healing in the face of these medical procedures.

She’s staying with some family in Phoenix–as opposed to being at her home in Mesa–while she’s kind of down for the count because of pain. Kyle and I got the wrong address (49th St and 49th Ave are apparently on opposite sides of Phoenix), so after getting completely lost, we finally found the house. Despite taking an extra 45 or so minutes to find the place, it was one of those times that was totally worth all of the inconvenience and irritation of being lost. Sometimes it’s more important to do something inconvenient and frustrating because what you’re doing for somebody else is so important.

I’m glad we went.


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