Tiny Baby

My friend had her baby today. The hospital she was at was only about 10 minutes from the place we have our childbirth class, so we told her last night that we’d stop by on our way home if it wasn’t too late for her. She told us to come on by, and we ended up getting there literally an hour after the baby was born.

I kept looking at that little baby girl. Like I said, my friend’s due date was July 14, and mine is July 12, so all I could think about was how that little girl was as big as my baby is inside of me. It was kind of mind blowing. It was like we were seeing a preview for what is going to happen to us in just a few weeks. Those tiny toes, the little mouth trying to figure out how to suckle…it was all so surreal.

My friend’s brother was there, as well. Evidently there are six girls in their family, all of whom have had kids, and he’s got a thing for guessing the gender of babies in utero. So my friend said to him, “Oh, they don’t know what the gender is!”

He gave my belly a penetrating stare, and asked me, “Do you want to know what gender it is?”

I laughed and told him sure, why not?

“I’m thinking it’s going to be a boy.”

I told him we’d let him know if he was right when Baby decided to make its grand entrance. He assured me that he works in customer service and when he sees pregnant ladies he often tells them things like “That’s a big baby girl!” or “How’s your little boy doing in there?” and they’re surprised that he guessed the gender right.

So according to my friend’s brother, it’s a boy. I think it’s about as reliable as all the other methods I’ve used to guess the gender.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Baby

  1. I better work on my knitting technique so I can make that Tibetan circus-tent hat, then! I know Kyle is really looking forward to his son wearing something so fantastic…

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