Pregnancy “Statistics”

I’ve been thinking about how my body has changed since getting pregnant, and I thought I’d write down what it has gone through so I can remember, and see what returns to what it was before and what is forever changed.

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 130 lbs (at least, that’s what it was the last time I had checked)
12 Weeks: 120 lbs
38 Weeks: 162 lbs
Gross Gain: 42 lbs
Net Gain: 32 lbs

Stretch Marks:
Yes, on my breasts and a few on the underside of my belly. I honestly thought they’d bother me more, but I can’t see them unless I’m looking in the mirror. And I think the fact that I’m carrying another human being is a totally legitimate reason to have stretch marks.

Larger than life. Part of the reason I only brought flip flops to Arizona is actually because my feet won’t fit into my pre-pregnancy shoes. I’m hoping it’s just because they’ve been a bit swollen and that I will be able to wear all of my lovely shoes once more. I’m not eager to replace my shoes.

Also larger than life. Both my feet and my hands are very sensitive to heat and pressure changes. Sitting in a park for an hour and a half today made my feet and fingers elephantize again. When they do this is makes me irritated because I’ve put so much effort into getting them to stop swelling by swimming every day and keeping them elevated. I haven’t worn my wedding band in months because it might fit at the beginning of the day, but not be able to budge a millimeter by lunch. I don’t want rings stuck on my finger so I just don’t wear anything.

What? Women are supposed to shave their legs in the summer? I actually shaved the other day for the first time in…a long time. I can’t see my legs very well anymore, and it’s really hard to shave with enormo belly. Add to this that the only person I see on a daily basis is Kyle, and, well, some personal care things have gone out the window. On the bright side, I still shower every day. And use deodorant. It could be worse.

In completely new places. We got this book from my childbirth class that has a diagram of where your innards are pre-pregnancy and at the end of pregnancy. It was really cool to see how much they’ve shifted to make room for a baby.

Flattened like a pancake. I’m almost positive that Baby has engaged and is giving my bladder a teaspoon sized capacity.

Enormous and leaking. I’ve gone up two cup sizes and a band size, and with breastfeeding in my future, I’m not really sure if they’ll ever stop growing. Pregnancy dreams, especially ones about babies, make me leak colostrum (early breast milk). My midwife seems to think this is a good thing, so I’m taking her word for it.

In the meantime, Baby likes to karate chop my pelvis and plan coordinated foot assaults trying to move beyond the already conquered Guts-Topia into the wild and wonderfully unoccupied Rib-Landia. I am secure in the knowledge that the guerrilla rebel efforts of the Uterine Utopia will soon overthrow and extradite the tyrannical Lord Baby and return all my guts to their ancestral lands.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy “Statistics”

  1. High school weight: 155-160 lbs
    Pre-pregnancy weight: 144 lbs
    26-28 weeks: 155 lbs
    30 weeks: 161 lbs.

    It has taken 30 weeks to surpass my high school weight. I must not be as big as I feel…

    • I feel huge, too. Although I was surprised, from about 35 weeks until the end you really stop gaining weight. I’d been putting it on steadily and then it just stopped abruptly. I thought it would taper more, but for me it just halted.

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