So Kyle and I have been asked to speak in church July 8. Kyle got the call and asked me about it. I kind of laughed and said, “If I’m not having a baby.” Kyle reminded the bishop that I’m due July 12, so there’s no guarantees we’ll be there, but he just said he’d have backup speakers lined up in case we couldn’t make it.

I haven’t spoken in church since I was a youth in Virginia. Who’d have thought that the first chance I’d get to speak, and my first talk longer than five minutes, would be when I was nine months pregnant? Glory be.

I warned Kyle that I write my talks word for word, so the length of my talk is pretty non-negotiable. He is one of those speaks from notes people, with more negotiable talk lengths. Whenever I try to do the whole speaks from notes things I inevitable get in front of the congregation, and my mind goes completely blank. All of the great ideas I’d come up with to talk about are garbled by my inability to articulate correctly under pressure. I prefer to articulate on paper in the comfort of my house and read word for word so that my message isn’t completely botched by nerves.

And our topic is reverence. I have no ideas on what I should say about reverence. I guess I’ll have to get to work thinking about it and looking up references and stories.


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