Spousal Thoughts In Sunday School

Today Kyle was asked to teach one of the Sunday School lessons, so I came along for moral support. He was explaining how we have all sinned, and this is why we need the atonement so that we can all become perfected in Christ.

“We’ve all gotten angry when we shouldn’t have, haven’t treated our neighbor with Christ-like love. We’ve all lied, cheated, done bad things.” He then looks at me and says, “I mean, I know my wife is pretty much perfect. But she’s done something wrong in her life.”

This got a chuckle out of the class and I kind of rolled my eyes. It was at this point that Kyle realized that he didn’t want to undermine his point.

“Oh, just kidding hon. You do lots of things wrong.”

This got a much bigger laugh out of the class.

“This is why I shouldn’t teach. I just start talking and get deeper and deeper in.”

At least he knows how many things I do wrong, no rose tinted glasses in our marriage.


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