Braxton hicks. Pre-labor. Prodromal labor. False labor. These are all words used to describe those contractions you get before you’re in labor for real. It can start from days, to weeks, to even sometimes months before baby comes. I’ve been having contractions occasionally for the past month or so, but recently they’ve been getting more and more frequent. They’re not painful, but now I’m contracting on and off for a good part of my day. On Saturday night they were much more frequent than they’ve been in the past, and on Sunday morning I wasn’t sure if they’d turn into anything. Kyle was anxious about whether or not we should go to church. I think a tiny part of him didn’t want to have to teach his Sunday School lesson. But then I ate some breakfast, and they went away.

Baby just likes to tease.


3 thoughts on “Prodromal

  1. Is Kyle the Sunday School teacher or is he subbing all the time? I’d love to be there for his lessons, I’m sure he’s great. On the topic of your post, good luck with those contractions! They sound nightmarish to me.

    • “Nightmarish” is the wrong word for my pre-labor contractions. They’re not painful at all. It feels like when you flex your bicep. The muscle firms up and is working harder than when you’re resting, but it’s not painful. Your uterus is a muscle, and pre-labor is like it’s working out for a race (labor), so that when you get to the race it’s ready to run the whole way.

  2. I’m sure your mom has told you all the things to do: drink more, change position, have some juice or food, rest, rest and REST! They are very wearing. . .maybe you’ll be effaced/dilated at your next appointment!

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