Last Week

So last week Kyle’s family came into town to visit. Due to work constraints they were only there from Tuesday evening to Thursday afternoon. It was a really great visit, and I was thrilled to have company on weekdays. Since Kyle got Wednesday and Thursday (the fourth and the fifth) off of work, it was pretty much like having a week that had three weekends to it. I was pleased to get to spend so much time with Kyle over the whole course of the week, and then with his family in the middle of it.

We got to see the Amazing Spider-man, which I really enjoyed. The downside was that I was SUPER uncomfortable in the movie theater. I have now sworn off movies at the theater until there is only one human in my body. Because, you know, we go to the movies all the time.

I still want to see Brave at some point, though. I have it on good authority that I will like it a lot. Maybe in the dollar theater.

Our talks went well on Sunday.

And now it’s super duper hot in Phoenix. It was thundering this evening, but I don’t think it actually rained tonight. I was hoping it would because the last time it rained it cooled the temperature down to about the 80s. It was heavenly. Here’s hoping for more rain soon.


One thought on “Last Week

  1. I had a dream that you had your baby and didn’t tell me, and then I was mad at you. Glad to see that’s not true. :) You will like Brave! Also, Batman comes out next week. Prepare yourself.

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