So as I was awake feeding Ruby at 4 am this morning, I began seriously considering changing her name to She Who Immediately Poops In Clean Diapers. You know, paying homage to cultures that wait until personality has emerged to name their children.

Seriously. She’s kind of a sleepy baby, so I usually change her diaper when I switch between breasts to wake her up enough to eat on the second breast, and she almost always immediately soils her clean diaper. During last night’s particular 4 am feeding, I could tell that she had pooped again in her new, clean diaper, and then she looked at me and gave me this huge smile.

I swear she was laughing at me.


3 thoughts on “Renaming

  1. Unfortunately with Ruby changing the diaper is a way to try to wake her enough to actually eat. @ Alice, she is currently using disposables, cloth will come when she has access to a non-coin-op washer.

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