Pink Floyd

Today I was amused to find that I fit into this t-shirt my sister-in-law got me for Christmas. She had bought it before she knew I was pregnant. Evidently, she didn’t realize that it referenced Pink Floyd when she bought it for me, she just thought it looked cool. I’ve not heard a lot of Pink Floyd, but it’s still a cool shirt so I wore it once or twice before I got too big. Also, Kyle likes the band.

I volunteered to go to the store today while Kyle watched Ruby. It was a ten minute trip. As I walked into the store, I realized that I had forgotten to brush my hair. But as I talked to the store clerk, he started flirting with me, asking if I was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and where I got it and this and that.

Apparently Pink Floyd and not being pregnant means that store clerks will flirt with me again. Even with unbrushed hair.

Honestly, I was kind of baffled. I wanted to quirk my head and ask him, “Don’t you know I’m a mom?!”

But of course he didn’t. I gave vague responses and left with my things. After a day spent comforting a fussy baby, it was weird being flirted with by a clerk. It kind of felt like it’s a different world out there.

A world where I pretend to know Pink Floyd, and where I have reattained the Young Pretty Women privileges which had been wiped away by pregnancy. But babies don’t assign privilege, they just want boobs and clean diapers.


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