The Return

Huzzah! We successfully made it back to Provo with a four week old baby! Between Kyle, me, and my ever-helpful, ever-wonderful mother-in-law, we managed to pack, clean, drive, and unpack, all with no major mishaps.

Again, I say, huzzah!

Now I’m trying to coax Ruby into sleeping at night and establish something of a routine. She has discovered that her hands can do more than make fists. They can grab! Clothes and hair and necklaces are all free game to grabby little hands.

Also, Kyle and I have made the conversion to cloth diapers. We used disposables while in Arizona because we didn’t have the laundry facilities to do cloth. They are a bit more hassle, but they’re also a lot cuter, so I’m taking it for the cute and cheap win over the hassle fail.


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