Of Screws and Crib Masters

So yesterday Kyle’s task was to put together a crib with no instruction manual and only half of the screws.

After about ten minutes of him working on it, I told him to hold off and I found the other half of the screws. See, some of them were in the crib pieces, but the other ones were in a plastic baggie I had put SOMEWHERE SAFE before we moved to Arizona where I WOULD REMEMBER that they were there.

And we all know how that usually works.

But for once, for once in my life, I actually put the screw baggie in a logical place. I found what I was looking for in the very first place I looked. Because I put the baggie in the bag where I had put the sheets and mattress cover. You know, because sheets and cribs go together.

Glory be.

This will never happen again, this putting something in a SAFE and LOGICAL place so I can actually find it, so I’m going to glory in it for a bit.

Also, Kyle managed with only a few not-so-nice words and frustrated noises to put the crib together without instructions or previous experience. And Ruby likes it much better than the bassinet. It’s too bad that it’s so much larger than the bassinet. >.>


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