Yesterday Kyle and I were talking about teeth. Namely how babies don’t have any, and then they grow them in, and get adult teeth eventually. I idly asked him how much the tooth fairy gave him when he was a kid.

Kyle: Not much. Quarters. *bitterbitterbitter*

Eliza: It’s not like you earned any of it. I remember getting a dollar or so.

Kyle: You can’t get much with quarters. *bitterbitterbitter*

Me: Well how much do you think the tooth fairy should give our kids? A dollar or two?

Kyle: A dollar or two? How many teeth do they get in their little mouths?! How much money is that?

Me: Yeah, but it’s over the course of a couple of years. What do you propose the tooth fairy should give?

Kyle: Nothing! The tooth fairy collects a calcium tax, and in return our kids don’t get sued by the TFIRS.

Me: The TFI…The Tooth Fairy IRS? Really?

Kyle: Yeah! *less bitterness, more enthusiasm*

Me: What’s the point of the tooth fairy, if she doesn’t leave anything behind?

Kyle: *more nonsense*

So evidently Kyle wants to bring whatever entitled bitterness he has from his youthful tooth fairy experiences and apply them to our children. I respectfully disagree.


7 thoughts on “TFIRS

  1. My first daughter, Sarah, was BORN WITH TEETH!! The bottom two center teeth were through the gumline when she was born. There’s a name for it (and superstitions surrounding it), but mostly I called it OUCH. My grandmother –your great-grandmother Dowding — had told me about someone born with teeth. I dreamed about it all through my pregnancy and it actually happened. Luckily, our Elders Quorum Pres was a dentist, and he said the Army would want to pull the teeth, but not to let them. Sure enough, those were her primary teeth, not “milk” teeth!

  2. Tell him that once Caroline got a penny. (I think she was at least 12 or 13 and my dad did it to be sarcastic with her, but still. :)
    p.s. this is allison. just realized I’m signed in as matthew.

  3. I have to admit, I’m not sure where Kyle’s bitterness comes from. Then again, quarters probably went farther in my day >.>

    I really loved that our dad would call up the Tooth Fairy (by dialing our number on the land line) and have an entire conversation with her. It seemed magical to me. Quarters and all!

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