Thanks too Late

When Kyle was putting Ruby’s crib together, I was holding her and in a baby voice I said for Ruby, “Thanks, Daddy, for putting my crib together!”

This isn’t the first time I’ve said things like this. I’ve said it while Kyle was burping her, changing her diaper, and other times. The first time I did it Kyle said, “I hear no real thanks from her!”

To which I responded, “We’re years away from any real thanks from her.”

Which made us both think about all of the things our parents did for us before we could thank them. All the diapers changed, the cribs built, the money earned. The tears weathered, the tantrums dealt with. The late nights. The early mornings. All the innumerable things our parents did for us that we were either too small, or too proud to notice and thank them for.

I suspect this is one of the lessons of parenthood. And although I am beginning to learn just how thankless parenthood is, at this point it makes me grateful for my parents who came before and have put in many more thankless hours than I have at this point.

So although it is a very small thing, thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks for all the things you did for me even though I didn’t notice. I notice a lot of the things that I do for Ruby, and it makes me think of you.


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