The Sleepies

From Sunday until Thursday night, Ruby stayed up most of the night crying. She’d take 30 minute catnaps to re-energize her cries and then set to fussing for the next hour or three. I managed to watch Hunt for Red October (with subtitles) through her cries one night. Each night she stayed up progressively later, with a magnificent 5 am “bedtime” on Friday morning.

This made me cranky. This made Kyle cranky. Ruby was obviously already cranky. This messed up with our whole 6am workout thing (which we had previously been doing pretty well at).

Last night, she slept from 9 to midnight, and then from 1 am to 6 am. I wanted to cry with happiness when she woke us up at 6 this morning. I have never been so happy to see 6 am.

All three of us have been much, much happier today. She has gone down better for naps today. I’m hoping this sticks for a few more days. Night-time crankies like that are frustrating and exhausting.

Incidentally, Alec Baldwin is SO YOUNG in Hunt for Red October. I didn’t recognize him for the first ten minutes of the movie and he plays the main character.


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