Wal-Mart and Wraps

So Youngest SIL and I took Ruby to Wal-Mart on Monday because we needed to go grocery shopping and Kyle was at a group meeting. This was my first time taking Ruby shopping, and I was a wee bit nervous about it. Especially considering that she cried most of the way there. But I had to get gas, and although she was crying when I went out to the pump, by the time I got back in, SIL had managed to sing her into a happy sleep.


I have a baby wrap such that I can carry her and keep both of my hands free, so I brought it because I hate hauling the carseat ANYWHERE. Ruby actually slept in the wrap the whole time. The best part of this adventure was when we were getting produce and a man says to me, “Is that a baby?!”

“Yeah, it is.”

“I’ve never seen one of those before!”

Now I’m pretty sure that he was referring to the wrap, but it sure sounded like he was excited to see the Mythical Baby that he’d heard so much about.


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