Tomato Face

Today Ruby went to her two month well appointment. She now weighs a whopping 11 lbs. 8 oz., and is in the middle of all the percentiles for height, weight, and head circumference.

And is, according to Amy, still not as large as her cousin Grady, who is one month younger. Evidently she is bound to have only enormous boy cousins, as her Meeks Cousin is also a very large boy.

At any rate, when Ruby gets really fussy in the evenings, she can get herself into a real state and her face turns bright red as she cries. Considering the fact that her hair is still quite short, when her head gets read like that I call her Tomato Face because her head looks like a big, red, round tomato.

Now that we’ve got the insurance business figured out for Ruby, she got some vaccines today. They had me hold her little hands down so that she wouldn’t grab at the shots. The nurse put a shot in her thigh, there was a second of silence, and then Ruby began screaming bloody murder. Usually it takes her a while to work up to Tomato Face proportions, going gradually from peach to pink to red, but in a split second at the pediatrician’s her entire head turned bright red as she protested the evil shots.

And, alas, she’s too young for the fact that she got Bugs and Daffy Band-Aids to be any consolation for the mean old shots. And then I pulled the Band-Aids off a few hours later, which was also Not Fun for her. She’s been fussing for the rest of the day; I think that the injection sites are sore from the four shots she got. I finally went to Wal-Mart to get some Baby Tylenol, and she seems to feel a bit better.

Poor Tomato Face.


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