About three weeks ago a member of the Relief Society presidency (the society of women in my church) called me and asked if I would teach the lesson for the women during the third hour today.

Of course I said yes.

And proceeded to agonize over it for the next three weeks. I called everyone I knew with teaching experience and asked for advice on teaching, putting a lesson together from a talk instead of a lesson manual, and not being horrible at teaching.

Yes, I spent over a year teaching kids in the primary, but I attribute most of the success I had at it to Kyle, who has two years of experience teaching people. Also, kids are less intimidating to teach than adults.

So I taught the lesson, and I have no objective feelings about it (trust me, they’re all terrifically subjective), so all I can really say is that it’s over. Huzzah! Kyle assures me that he thinks I did great, which is an assurance that would make me feel better if, you know, he’d actually heard the lesson. Now I hope that I did well enough that people didn’t leave saying “Wow, that was one of the worst lessons we’ve had in a while”, but not so well that anybody thinks to ask me to teach again.

Because that’s how it works, right?


I’d be more confident if I didn’t belong to a church that believes in teaching skills through trials by fire. At least it’s a very effective skill acquiring method. It’s why I’m confident with public speaking.

Just not teaching.

Maybe I really do just need more practice?


2 thoughts on “Lessons

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  2. Yes, you do just need practice. The more you get, the better you are, and the more confident and comfortable you feel. If your calling was teaching Relief Society and you taught on a regular and consistent basis, you’d feel better about your teaching. I was terrified when I was first called as Sunday School teacher, and I’m a teacher by profession. But within a few months I was comfortable and even enjoyed my calling. Now I miss it.

    I’m sure you did better than you think you did. And either way, it’s over now! Congratulations on teaching without passing out. Haymitch approves.

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