Babies and Dogs

So to continue Kyle’s comparison of our daughter to a pet (parenthood makes you so glamorous and kind), there’s another way that babies are a lot like dogs.

They can sense your emotions.

It’s not uncommon for either me or Kyle to stay up with Her Fussiness for hours at a time, and both she and the unfortunate parent spend that time getting more and more frustrated. Finally, we call it quits and wake the other parent up to weather the Baby Drama for themselves so we can get some shut eye. And almost inevitably, the calm, better-slept parent takes her in their arms, and she is asleep within a half hour.

I imagine that for Ruby it’s like staying up half the night with somebody that is increasingly agitated and angry. It also makes her agitated and angry because she’s uncomfortable being near them. Then all of a sudden she’s with a Kindness Fairy who gives you love and kisses and doesn’t sit and cry with her.

I’m going to give you a hint: usually I’m the Angry Agitator and Kyle’s the Kindness Fairy. But tonight? I got to be the Kindness Fairy that magically put her to sleep after she wouldn’t sleep for three hours (which is to a 12-week-old a bit like three days to an adult).

It was kind of wonderful.


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