Too Serious Around Here

Wow, my last few posts got a bit serious. Let’s try and lighten things up today.

Yesterday Ruby threw up and managed to hit every article of clothing Kyle was wearing. After he’d changed, she did it again.

Because babies barfing is always funny when you’re not the ones they’re barfing on.

Also, yesterday Kyle (kindly) asked me to make breakfast for him, and complained (mentioned) that his feet were cold. I (generously) offered to get him a pair of socks to which he (jokingly) replied, “Will you also put them on my feet?” I told him that it was bad enough that I was getting the socks for him. (To which he replied, “You OFFERED.”)

I took a moment to finish my business before engaging in the sock retrieving, breakfast making venture. Kyle, unsatisfied with my timing (and feeling ignored), asked, “Aren’t you going to make breakfast and get me socks?”

I told him if he didn’t like my schedule, he was welcome to make his own dang breakfast and get his own dang socks.

Suddenly my schedule was quite nice (or at least acceptable).

All parenthetical notes were editorial additions made by Kyle, so that he wouldn’t come off as such a schmuck (Nice Gentleman).


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