A Nice Post About Kyle

After yesterday’s post wherein I poked fun at Kyle’s breakfast-and-sock-demanding attitudes, I thought I’d write a nice post about him.

Because he’s not always a schmuck. :)

In fact, he’s very rarely a genuine schmuck. He does all these nice things like staying up with Ruby part of the night so I can sleep. He works to provide for our family, and he’s currently knee-deep in a GMAT prep class and applying for graduate school.

He plays with Ruby and sings to her. He changes dirty diapers on a regular basis. He has never once complained that I wanted to do cloth diapers. He washes dishes.

He might not cook very often, but I see this as an added benefit to our family. When he cooked for himself he ate ramen, waffles, and cold cereal every day. My diet needs more variety.

He says nice things about my cooking, my personality, and my opinions (not always in that order). He thinks I’m incredibly intelligent and attractive.

He stands up for me when people say mean things to or about me. He knows that cleaning the house makes me feel loved. He is kind and loving.

He is mine. I love him.


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