A Walk and a Sleeper

So Amy has Fall Break this weekend, which for me means that I have an adult to do things with during the day.


So yesterday we walked (yes, we the Lazy Sisters chose to walk–it was a nice day) down to University Avenue to check out Cherry Lane Boutique, which turned out to be an adorable and predictably expensive little shop. They had lots of jewelry, Halloween decorations, and even some baby clothes. Amy and I looked and coveted a little bit. We then went to the Provo library where I got a library card and checked out the Lost Hero and Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. I can finally read them, huzzah!

As we walked, we appreciated all the cute houses in Provo. A lot of Provo was built in the 50s and 60s, which means that there are a lot of sturdy little houses here. The cool thing is that it’s before the cookie cutter suburbs, so each house is unique. The downside is that you can tell which houses have been rented out and which ones are owned by how well the houses have been maintained. Some of the houses need some serious renovation to restore them to their former adorableness. But there are some real gems of houses in the area–houses that have cool porches and patios, houses that look like mini castles, houses with beautiful flowerbeds, houses with secret entrances. We had fun looking at and judging the houses. I like old houses that have been well maintained or renovated. They tend to have a certain character that contemporary houses just don’t have.

And in other news, last night I had to dress Ruby in a sleeper that is two sizes too big for her because she had drooled through or vomited on all the others, and apparently I only have 3 and 9 month size sleepers. No 6 month sizes.


At least she wasn’t naked.


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