Baby Mouth

So Ruby has become a dedicated fist and finger sucker. She has eschewed all things pacifier (much to mine and Kyle’s chagrin), and prefers her hands. But not only her hands, a fist covered in sleeve, bib, or Mommy’s skirt is much, much more delicious.

Also, she seems to be teething. She’s a regular drool factory, and she’s chomping down on everything. At least she seems to enjoy the teething toys–or as Kyle and I call them, chew toys–I bought her yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Baby Mouth

  1. Hey, you’ve been working on the blog. Must be a bored stay home mom like the rest of us. lol
    I have always been a believer in the pacifier. I was terrified of having a thumb sucker, but I guess it’s not the end of the world. Teething sucks. So does weaning. And potty training. And adolescence. lol

    • I tried to get her to take a paci, but she has staunchly refused it. If I hold it in there she’ll suck on it, but that totally defeats the purpose of a pacifier. She’s always sucked on her fist to one degree or another (she was even doing it in one ultrasound), although recently it’s been a lot more.

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