Super Baby

Yesterday morning I woke up with Ruby sleeping right next to me in bed. I vaguely remembered nursing her in the middle of the night and assumed that Kyle had brought her in when she was fussy to nurse. I figured we must have both fallen asleep nursing (nursing while lying down is one of the best things ever) and that’s how she ended up there.

However, when I asked Kyle what time he’d brought her in, he swore that he never got up to bring her in.

We can only guess that our baby has developed the ability to teleport and, tired of her lonely crib, teleported into bed with Mama and Daddy for a nurse and a snuggle.

What more does the future hold?


One thought on “Super Baby

  1. LOL! I used to wear a watch to bed, because I’d fall asleep nursing in the rocking chair (by baby #3, there was no room in our bed). I wouldn’t wake up til my milk let down AGAIN. So, I’d try to remember to look at my watch when I first went in. The second half of 1981 is mostly a haze.

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