Teaching Sisters

So it seems that God wants me to learn how to teach better. Today I got called as a Relief Society teacher. I’ll be teaching every fourth Sunday.

As the Bishop was talking to me about it, he said, “I have two pieces of counsel for you. One: ask questions.” He expounded on this for a bit and then, “Two: Don’t worry about over-preparing. The brethren have the opposite problem–they need to prepare their lessons better–but sisters tend to over-prepare their lessons, when they don’t really need to.”

Burn, brothers. Burn.

I was talking to Kyle about it after church, and I said, “I always thought bishops were being facetious when they said they liked being in Relief Society better because it was like being in Priesthood except that the lessons were good.”

Evidently not.


3 thoughts on “Teaching Sisters

  1. Lucky! That is one of my all-time favorite callings! Yeah, just ask lots of questions, and you will be fine. You are basically there to facilitate a discussion.

  2. I really hate attending priesthood meeting when all the teacher does is read the manual. Your bishop is spot-on with this criticism. When I was HP Group leader or EQ president, we held lessons on how to teach and, more importantly, how not to teach.

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