I went to bed at 9:30 while Kyle was putting Ruby to sleep. We thought for sure she’d wake up again. Now it’s 2:30 am and although Ruby has not yet woken up, I’m wide awake. I got five straight hours of sleep, and my body appears not to know what to do with itself.

So of course I got on Tumblr.

Some people had really cool costumes this year! Kyle and I had nowhere to go and a grand total of one trick-of-treater–a lion whose grandmother reminded him to say thank you–so we didn’t dress up. We’re attending a Hunger Games party on Friday that we’re dressing up for, so I’m counting that instead. Kyle wants to be Ceasar Flickerman, but I’m not sure if we can find his dream blue crushed velvet suit at DI the way he imagines it. We may have to wing it for him.

Oh, we carved a pumpkin, though.

You will be deleted!

And Ruby had a cute Halloween outfit, courtesy of Grandma Meeks.


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