Pictures and School

Since Amy is a teacher, every year they do school photos and get a free photo packet. This is somewhat insane because it’s not like teachers change that much every year and need a bazillion photos of themselves, so the teachers are allowed to give their photo packet to somebody else. This year, Amy elected to give it to Ruby.

So I dressed her in her fluffiest pink dress and trundled off to Amy’s school yesterday to get some pictures. The photographer kept insisting that Ruby had to sit by herself on the stool, which was silly because Ruby can’t sit up on her own. She would have fallen off the stool and then the photographer would have felt terrible about herself.

You could tell she doesn’t regularly photograph infants.

I supported Ruby’s back and hid my arm behind her fluffy dress, so the photographer was appeased and I got my free pictures. Ruby, true to form, refused to smile for the camera. Amy stood behind the camera trying to get Ruby to look in the right direction, and I kept saying things like “Look at Aunt Amy!” and “Smile!”. This proved to be a mistake because every time I spoke, Ruby turned to look at me–sitting right next to her–which was completely the wrong direction to be looking.

Silly Mama. Stop talking.

But we ended up getting a cute picture, even if she wouldn’t smile.

I also visited Amy’s class while I was there, and they all loved Ruby. The talker in Amy’s class announced partway through the visit, “I’m starting to see the bright side of babies!”

It was also amusing, because over and over again the kids kept calling Ruby a “he” and asking Amy if she was her “nephew.” The nephew thing might have been excusable because some of her kids are second language learners and might now use “niece” and “nephew” all that often, but they ALL know the difference between “she” and “he.” I mean, Ruby was wearing a bow and a very pink princess dress! I’m not sure what was so manly about that, but it made me laugh every time one of the kids made the mistake.


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