Baby Concessions

So I have really fantastic friends, and we like to dress up and have parties. Last weekend, We had a Hunger Games party wherein we all dressed up as citizens of the Capitol and watched the Hunger Games. It was a lot of fun–Kyle and I wore matching turquoise outifts, whitened our faces and sprayed our hair turquoise. I hadn’t seen the Hunger Games movie before, and we generally had a good time.

This weekend, we participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner and had a generally wonderful time, as well. Kyle got cast as a baseball jock, and it was fun watching him ham it up.

We’ve brought Ruby to all of these events, in no small measure because our friends love seeing and holding her.

But these past two weekends, Ruby has been particularly inconsolable at night. I’ve been attributing it to teething, which I think is part of the problem, but yesterday I had to admit to myself that part of the problem is also the disruption of her schedule, and severe over stimulation from new environments and excited people. In addition to the Murder Mystery Dinner, I went to play games with friends this morning, and then Amy watched Ruby all afternoon so that I could run errands and then do something with Kyle for a class. This meant that Ruby didn’t take single nap at home in her familiar bed. Last night was a really hard night for her, and tonight she also had some inconsolable moments (although putting her to bed with our new bedtime routine, although it was after her bedtime, has made tonight much easier).

I talked to Kyle and we agreed that it’s time that we either get a babysitter, stop going to late night parties, or host more things at our home so that she can have minimal disruptions to her schedule. What affects Ruby affects us, and having a wonderful party followed by an inconsolable night isn’t worth it if we can find a better solution. It’s not fair to her to throw her schedule out of whack because we’re doing things with friends.

I’m not sure how this is all going to work over the next month and a half with holidays and two trips planned, but it’s important to consider her needs as well as our own. Babies like routines and consistency, and I have to realize that disruptions to those things will affect her more than it will affect us. She doesn’t know that it’s the weekend and that we want to have fun–all she knows is that things are different and it’s harder to get good naps in unfamiliar surroundings.


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