In an attempt to make up for last year’s poor show, Winter has decided to rear its head early this year by giving us our first snow fall in October, and then a very large snow this past weekend. It started snowing Friday, and didn’t stop until yesterday. We probably got four or five inches.

Yesterday as I was running late to meet friends to play games, I dashed out to the Jeep to clear all the snow off and discovered that a very large branch had broken from our tree and snapped in half on the top of the Jeep. We were very fortunate, the Jeep wasn’t damaged at all. I had to move the branch pieces away from the doors to get Ruby’s car seat in and to reach the driver’s seat.

We really lucked out that the branch didn’t land on the windshield, or on our Honda or the neighbor’s car. We’re less sure if any of those three things would have survived the branch falling.

In the meantime, the snow has cracked another branch that is hanging precariously about 20 feet over the driveway. Unfortunately, the tree is in our neighbor’s yard, so we’re not parking our cars in the driveway until we can figure out how to get the branch out of the danger zone.

As I drove around town yesterday, there were branches down all over town. Evidently some people’s power went out, which is unfortunate seeing as how it got really cold really fast after the snow. Fortunately, our power stayed on and all is well in our home.

If this is an indication of the winter to come, well, it seems like it’s going to be a chilly one.


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