GMAT and Grad School

Arizona State University. University of Mississippi. Rutgers-Newark. University of North Texas. University of South Carolina.

It’s official. Those are the schools that Kyle is applying to for his marketing Ph.D. Arizona State is the best school on this list, and honestly the one we’d like to get into. But for the others, we decided that based on his practice GMAT scores, Kyle would prefer to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond and get better funding than a squeaked-in fish in a big pond, with little funding. We also feel like these schools will probably be a better fit of him in other areas, and that he’s got a better chance of looking like a good applicant for those schools.

Right now Kyle is driving up to take the GMAT. What he scores will greatly impact his chances of getting into a program. I’m really anxious for him. He’s been studying around 10 hours a week since August for this test, but he’s still really nervous. Ph.D. programs require very high GMAT scores. Any prayers on his behalf will be appreciated.


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