The Sick

So last week Kyle’s sister and her family flew out to Utah to drive down to Zion’s with us. Unfortunately, she came down with a cold during the trip. And being the generous person that she is, she shared it with us.


I feel bad for Kyle as this is a very busy week for him in school and he feels terrible.

In addition, recently Ruby’s been going to bed at 7 (bedtime is the best time!), but yesterday she napped poorly and ended up falling asleep at 5. She woke up at 6 and refused to go to bed until 9. Trying to get a baby to sleep for two hours wasn’t fun while also feeling poorly and trying not to drip snot all over her.

It’s also been a while since it took two hours to get her to sleep and I wasn’t really thrilled at going back.

At least she doesn’t seem to be sick yet. Hopefully she’ll miss it, or the antibodies she gets through breastmilk will minimize the sick for her.


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