Two Rooms

So when we were engaged we looked at this apartment to rent. It had two bedrooms, an enormous kitchen, and was really quite cheap.

Two bedrooms! Huzzah! We can have a baby without moving our or having baby sleep in our room! What a fantastic idea!

So we rented it.

As it turns out, my plans were marred by a design flaw in the layout of our apartment. It really should have been billed as a two “room” apartment. Because the second room–the one for baby to sleep in?

It’s basically a hallway. Connecting the kitchen, the bathroom and our bedroom. So now every time the Miss Ruby goes to sleep (at her new bedtime of 7 pm! Hooray! Baby-free evenings!), we have to quietly sneak through her room to go to the bathroom or get to our room. Also, it has the desktop and my sewing machine in it. I’m pretty sure I’m at least temporarily going to move my sewing machine to the dining room table so that I can sew after she goes to sleep.

So. On the bright side we have room for the crib. On the brighter side, we plan on moving once Kyle graduates in April. I’m excited for Miss Ruby to have a real room, separate from any hallway business and potentially baby-waking antics (you know, antics like walking through the room).


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