PJ Dress

Last week we got to church and Ruby had an enormous poo. So Kyle dutifully took her to the bathroom to change. Evidently, when he got there she had leaked through to the onesie she had under her jumper so he looked in the diaper bag for a replacement. All he found in the bag was a pair of Pooh Bear pajamas. So in his great wisdom, instead of leaving her in just the jumper, or instead of even just putting her in the PJs, he put her in the PJs and then put the jumper on top of it.

It was a Gingham Jumper Pooh Bear Jammies extravaganza. I have to admit, I’ve never seen somebody in footie pajamas and a jumper before. She looked utterly ridiculous, but it was so funny that I laughed every time I looked at her.

Kyle is just an innovator in baby fashion.


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