Sinuses and School

There’s been a fair amount of sick gunk going around lately. Kyle caught the worst of the first round of it a few weeks ago. After we got better, Ruby got sick, and then I got sick again. My sinuses have been killing me. But the pressure is lifting and I’m starting to feel somewhat normal again.

I made a bunch of Christmas cookies and candy again this year with my lovely friend. It’s been a tradition four years running now for use to get together and make Christmas treats. This year we were both on tight budgets so we only made stuff that we had ingredients for, but thanks to food storage and her tendency to hoard candy-making things we still made quite a bit.

This week is finals week. It’s been really bizarre to watch the stress of school as if from a distance. Kyle, his sister and Wesley are all still in school, so I’m still connected to that world. I hear about midterms, papers, and finals, but the fact that I’m not the one involved in all of it is kind of surreal. Nice, but surreal. Time just keeps slipping by for me and all of a sudden Kyle only has one more semester in school left.

Also, every time I go onto campus I feel like an impostor. And then I make fun of all the poor sops who are still in college. It’s so nice not to be in school anymore.

An update on Kyle, by the way. He didn’t do very well on the GMAT. As in, not well enough to apply for any graduate programs for next year. We’re working on a post-graduation plan but we have nothing concrete. Only pipe dreams and a desperate desire not to be this poor after he graduates.


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