Six O’Clock

I swear that the hour before bedtime is the longest hour of the day.

I had Ruby on the most beautiful schedule last semester. She went to bed at seven, woke up every four hours for 10-15 minutes at a time, and slept until 8 or 9 am. It was glorious. I got three or four hours to myself at night, and one or two in the morning.

Then the holidays happened, and we stayed out with friends, played games late, invited people over, visited family and Ruby’s schedule generally got ruined. I’m trying to reinstate it, and remembering just how frustrating it was trying to get it established in the first place. Ruby went down at seven tonight, and woke up at seven thirty expecting a party. She’s cooing in her crib right now in a way that would be really cute if I didn’t prefer that she was sleeping.

Go to sleep, baby!

I’m telling myself that dedication to the seven o’clock bedtime will work again, just like it did the first time and that I will once more have a few predictable hours to myself (not that I’ll complain about the unpredictable hours).

God willing.


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