New Space

We put the Christmas tree away today.


We also reorganized our front room a bit, and it feels more open than it ever has before. There’s a place for our enormous stroller (that I suspect only seems enormous because there was previously no place for it), I’ve put the piano back out where it can be played, and there’s a wide open space in the middle of the room for a small, wiggly baby.

Have I mentioned that Ruby is getting mobile? It’s quite recent. As in the past three or four days recent. She rolls from front to back and back to front now, and she has discovered that while she’s on her back, if she puts her feet by her bum she can leverage off and wiggle around the room to grab previously out of reach trash cans and books.

I thought babies didn’t crawl until later. I’m not ready for a baby that moves. Stop growing, Baby!

I have also put new pictures in our family picture frames. Over New Years when we visited my family in Fargo we took family photos, and so now I have updated family photos and I bought a new frame to display pictures of Ruby. There is now a smiling baby on my piano. All that’s left is to find envelopes big enough to send 5×7 pictures of Ruby to Kyle’s mom and grandmother.

The long and short of it is that I like my front room better than I ever have before. It feels more open and like I might want to spend time in there. That’s a new feeling for this room.


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