Teething Nights

Despite a night or two reprieve, Ruby has been sleeping terribly recently. Last night was the doozy of all of the bad nights, though. She fell asleep at midnight–five hours after her bedtime–and proceeded to wake up at eight as usual.

Needless to say, missing five hours of sleep makes Baby an unhappy camper. She has cried herself hoarse.

She had her 6 month appointment at the Pediatrician’s today, so to add insult to injury she got shots, too. Taking the bandaids off of her thighs a couple hours later was tantamount to torture. Kyle even did it using the quick, get-it-over-with method, but Ruby didn’t seem to appreciate the sentiment. Silly baby.

The doctor thinks it’s just teething that’s keeping her up, even though we can’t see any teeth coming in yet. That’s what I had been thinking, because she doesn’t seem sick. Just really cranky. The doc told me to give Ruby a little bit of Tylenol before she went to bed tonight to see if that would help. I gave it to her, and she fell asleep at 7:30 and has been out for nearly two hours. This is generally a good sign that she will sleep normally through the night.

Thank heavens for acetaminophen.

I’m hoping that a better rested baby will not fuss quite SO much with teething. Egh.


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