Dear Utah Drivers: When there is pea soup fog outside all day, turn your lights on. Your car is otherwise impossible to see. Also, when it rains.

Kyle is waiting to hear back about whether or not he’s got a job at the place he interned at over the summer. Prayers would be appreciated that either this job will come through, or another one so that we can be productive, contributing members of society. And get out of Provo.

Ruby finally seems to be over her funk from the last week and a half. She slept well last night and was generally pretty happy today. Here’s hoping it sticks.

I’m preparing a lesson about pavilions for Relief Society tomorrow (well, metaphorical pavilions). After staring at it for too long, I can’t help but think that “pavilion” is a really funny word. The original metaphor was not my idea.

While I’m excited to get out of Provo, I’m also very sad to be leaving all of the lovely family that is here. Amy is also sad that Ruby will be leaving. I’m sad to miss out on such a wonderful babysitter. And a sister. You know, that’s important, too.

Ruby is in a little bunny sleeper right now (courtesy of Amy, who can’t refuse the baby clothes at Wal-Mart. Not that I’m complaining at all). The feet have bunny faces (and ears!) on them, and there is a bunny tail on her bum. It’s so cute!

Matthew’s wife is in town with their little baby boy (I use the term “little” here a bit…generously), so we went to my aunt’s for dinner and good times tonight. Both were had.


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