It Was Time

About two weeks ago, I started hearing from some friends at church about some nasty strains of flu and RSV that have been going around Provo. I counted myself lucky that I’ve been nearly hermetically sealed in my house this winter (good for flu health, bad for mental health) and began feeling smug that we hadn’t caught anything.

Pride, thy name is Eliza. And thy downfall involves a lot of barf and the runs.

I caught a stomach bug on Wednesday, and it was generally unpleasant. Kyle had it yesterday, and I policed his intake of food and liquids so that he wouldn’t feel as badly as I had the day before (my unpoliced intake of liquids resulted in more unpleasantness that might have been otherwise avoided).

Amy was a gem and watched Ruby Wednesday night, even though she had to go to work on Thursday morning.

God bless sisters.

And now that I’ve gone two days having consumed only a bottle of powerade, seven cans of ginger ale and four hot dogs, I’m pretty hungry. I think I’ll go make breakfast.


4 thoughts on “It Was Time

    • I am, too. My friend’s baby got it this year and listening to her stories about it made me really hope that Ruby doesn’t get it. She seems to have missed out on the flu, though, which is lucky.

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